How Much Storage Space Does a Person Need?

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People are different in what they consider clutter. What is not different is there are items which should be stored away during certain times of the year. Things such as holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, unused furniture, and recreational vehicles. There are Storage Units in West Chester NY that would accommodate these types of items. How does a person determine how much space they need in renting Self Storage Units?

Amount and Size of Items

People who only have a few items to store can get away with renting the smallest unit. Most of the time, this is a five x10 storage unit. This is about the size of a walk-in closet and can fit a small bed, a few boxes, and possibly a dresser. For larger items and more boxes, people can go up a size to a 10 x 10, which is about the size of a garage for one vehicle. A 10 x 30 storage unit will fit the contents of an entire large home.

Cost of Storage

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Aside from the amount of storage space people need, they also factor in the cost of the unit. This is because after paying rent for an apartment, rental home, or a mortgage on a home, rent for a storage unit can add up. Some people cannot afford to pay for a 10 x10 or 10 x 20 unit, so they find an alternate way to store some of their belongings to fit into a smaller unit.

Availability of Units

The amount of space a person needs may not be what they can get if that type of unit is not available. Many storage facilities fill up quickly and stay at capacity. Sometimes, people have to pay for a larger unit or succumb to a smaller unit.

Location of Facility

The location of a facility is something people look for because of convenience. If they are storing items they need to use frequently; the storage facility will need to be close by. There may not be a facility of interest close by so people opt for a further away place to feel comfortable with their decision to store expensive belongings.

It is also important to people for Self Storage Facilities in West Chester NY to be secure. They should have surveillance and have their units behind a locked gate in which only paid customers are allowed access. The facility should have someone on the premises during normal operating hours for any questions or problems that may arise. Finding Self Storage Units in West Chester NY to fit your needs may take a little time, but once the right unit is found, it can be locked in by a security deposit to ensure someone else does not rent it first.

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